About us

LLC SPE "ACTIVE SPETS PROM" has the opportunity to fulfill orders for repair of specialized military equipment, our company has its own production facilities, unique high-tech equipment for the production of tracked belts, highly qualified technical staff for quality repair of military equipment and machinery and its own field crews to perform the above work.

During 2015-2020, our company repaired more than 350 units of military machinery and equipment.

The main activities of our company:

  • Manufacture of crawler belts BMP-2 (BMP-1) and machines based on them with NATO nomenclature number 2530 61 014 6031, NCAGE code of the enterprise -A22EJ, and components therefor;
  • Production of MTLB caterpillar belts (MT-LBu);
  • Restoration of BMP-1, BMP-2 and equipment based on BMP chassis at the locations of the company's on-site crews.

Our company offers services and components that can be used to restore the efficiency of BTOT (power unit, chassis, fire control systems, electrical equipment and optical devices) by the visiting teams of our company.